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Highest Quality Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

Exploring options for the best hair cutting scissors?

At ShearGenius, we bring you an unrivalled selection of the finest hair cutting scissors to suit all cutting techniques and styles. Designed in Australia and manufactured in Japan, ShearGenius has developed the highest quality professional hair cutting scissors to compete in the global market. Created to offer an effortless cut and give you complete control, we have a broad collection of cutting scissors to choose from. Our scissors are equipped with the latest functional features and make the perfect addition to complement your skill. Whether you are looking for hair scissors with excellent edges or need specialised scissors, we have your needs covered.Browse through our collectionto discover an impressive range of the best professional hair cutting scissors.

Premium Hair Cutting Scissors

We are home to a comprehensive range of scissors in different sizes and styles to inspire and equip you with the tools to offer a great cut. From left-handed scissors, thinning scissors to texturing scissors, we have it all for you here. Our curated collection enables you to cut effortlessly and get the job done swiftly.

If you are looking for the best hair cutting scissors, ShearGenius is the intelligent choice. Our individualised stylings and customisable inserts help our hand forged steel blades comfortably fit your fingers with style. We understand that scissors are an essential tool for a hairdresser and have options with specifically designed blades for a smooth cut. We take immense pride in offering hairdressing scissors of the highest quality at competitive prices to enable you to deliver great experiences every day.

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Our broad collection covers every requirement and you can conveniently shop online from our platform. Whether you are an experienced stylist or in the process of learning the skills of independent styling, we have the perfect options for you. With scissors known for exceptional sharpness and providing optimal ergonomics, we are here to take your next hair cutting experience to a whole new level. With the brilliant rage that we have here, you can get as creative as you want to be and impress your customers.

We have a streamlined purchasing process and bring you easy access to the best hair scissors online. Browse through the range that we have here and based on your preferences and cutting style, you can pick scissors that offer fabulous results.

Choose From Our Range of Hairdressing Scissors

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We have a huge range of stylist tools offering unmatched sharpness and durability. The ergonomically built designs offer maximum comfort making it easy for you. Our scissors are preferred for their quality and longevity and give you the perfect control. In case you are unsure or would like to find out more about the features of our scissors, feel free to get in touch with us. As a premium scissor manufacturer, we have an in-depth understanding and you can benefit from our experience. We will be happy to help you choose scissors that you can rely on for superb results.

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Australia’s Highest Quality Designer Scissors

The ShearGenius brand was established in 2007 as the premium scissor manufacturer to Australian Hairdressing salons. Through exporting our products throughout Australia and worldwide, it quickly positioned ShearGenius as the number one brand in Australia. This has taught us to develop products which were specially designed to meet individual market needs. ShearGenius is a brand loved by hair stylists around the world.