Professional Australian Hairdressing Scissor Sharpening

Book sharpening session online or find master Scissorsmith near you.

As a serious hair stylist, you highly value the importance of your tools, and you would like to give it the best care and maintenance it deserves. We know we should clean it after every haircut, oil it every day, but when it comes to sharpening, there’s no hard written rule as to how often we should get them serviced.

The general rule of thumb is roughly after 700 haircuts. But of course, that’s a bit difficult to follow, so probably after 3-6 months is a good start. Don’t wait for your scissors to become dull before deciding to get them sharpened. Schedule your sharpening session so that you won’t have to suffer possible damages and injuries from using dull scissors.

Another thing to look out for are a few warning signs that would tell you your scissors need attention ASAP. Some of these circumstances include the presence of nicks. If you also notice that your scissors are pushing or pulling hair, that’s also a sign that you need to book an appointment with a professional sharpening service like Shear Genius.

Southern Victoria and Tasmania

Matt Grumley

Phone: 0417111072

Based in Ballarat Victoria

Matt is a Hairdresser and Scissorsmith,

Matt has been Highly regarded in the Australian Hairdressing Industry for over 30 years.

Matt Services Victoria and Tasmania.

New South Wales

Bob Callaghan

Phone: 0417 774 202

Based in Maclean, New South Wales.

Bob Callaghan has over 20 years’ experience in precision sharpening

His passion for providing the best possible service to Hairdressers led him to train with Hu-Friedy in Chicago.

North East VIC and Southern NSW

Graham Nottle

Phone: 0419505482

Based in Wangaratta  Vic

Graham has over 20 years experience, an amazing sharpener,

Graham services  North East Vic country & southern NSW, from Seymour- Albury-wagga -Shepparton-Echuca-Deniliquin -Narrandera.

Western Australia

Kevin Barlow

Phone: 0487 391 287

Based in WA

Kev is is a Master Scissorsmith.

Victoria, Australia
+61 487391647 

Mo-Fr: 8:00-19:00
Sat: 8:00-14:00
Sun: closed

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